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Dr. Dashana Lane

Research Partner

Dr. Dashana Lane is a qualitative researcher and adjunct professor at Bethune Cookman University and the University of Florida. She received her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of Florida with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education. Through Black feminism and radical healing, Dr. Lane's work examines the principles of Blackness in an age of heightened anti-Black racism that manifests itself in multiple forms of oppression.
Using various theoretical foundations such as Black feminist theory, intersectionality and radical healing coupled with critical qualitative methodologies such as critical participatory action research, photovoice, and photo elicitation, enabled Dr. Lane to develop scholarly research that focuses on the intersection of gender, race, and class in the lives of Black women and girls. Dr. Lane’s research explores the unique experiences of Black women and Black girls in and out of school settings further amplifying Black women's voices within higher education. These concepts are being extended in one of her current projects entitled, A Different World: Cultivating Safe Spaces for Black Women Graduate Students Using Radical Healing, which utilizes radical healing and critical participatory action to identify systemic racism within graduate programs at predominantly white universities (Lane, 2023).

Dr. Dashana Lane
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