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Keneisha Harrington Ph.D

Research Partner

Keneisha L. Harrington is an advanced qualitative researcher and Assistant Professor at Kennesaw State University. She received her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Clemson University. Through her research and activism, she seeks to dismantle systems of oppression and manifestations of racism within the education system by bridging the gap between research and practice in educational leadership.

Specifically, she studies the lived experiences of Black students, parents, families, and communities, in relation to the public education system. Throughout her work, Harrington prioritizes using community-engaged research methods to center the voices of Black people; to investigate best practices for anti-racist leadership and asset-based approaches to leadership; and to examine school, university, and community relationships/partnerships within the education system. She has used a wide range of methods in her work including community-based participatory research, photovoice, photo-elicitation, and collaborative autoethnography. As a critical scholar, she seeks to answer questions that examine the purpose of schools in our present society and understand the roles that they play in Black families and Black communities.

Keneisha Harrington Ph.D
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